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Dell, HP, NAS & Cisco Server Catalog in Bangladesh

Server is a computer program run on a powerful device to disperse various performance for various other programs or devices usually referred to as customers. A single web server can offer numerous clients, as well as an individual client can make use of several servers. The principle of the web server network was first developed in the year of 1969 as “server-host” as well as “user-host” executing on demand remotely.

Obtain a Custom Web server & other hardware from Creatus Computer Bangladesh
A Server PC is very needed for a company or enterprise to ensure data security with a contentious back-up system to disperse a large volume of tasks into smaller parts to accomplish those on a bigger range. Creatus Computer supplies HP, Dell, NAS as well as Cisco Server at the best cost in Bangladesh. Additionally, we offer customization center to suit your business requires containing high capacity 9th Gen processor of Intel Xeon and also extraordinary power supply systems.

Developing a solid network base in all the major cities in Bangladesh like Dhaka, Chittagong & Rangpur making use of the web, Creatus Computer system offers all the latest designs from prominent brands. From HP ProLiant tower & Shelf Mount Servers as well as Dell PowerEdge Tower to Rack Web servers, you can purchase from us at the best market price. Our specialists give the very best quotation for various business homes with making sure also much better after-sale services.

Purchase web server online or from our showrooms
Now you can order online for your organisation or branches anywhere in Bangladesh. Creatus Computer system will provide your needed web server as quick as possible to your location.


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