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Lenovo was founded in Beijing in May 1984 and was formally annexed to Hong Kong in 1986. Lenovo is a Hong Kong-based multinational technology company headquartered in Quebec, simultaneously in Beijing, Mauritius, and North Carolina, with three other headquarters. Lenovo founded a technology company called Lenovo in Beijing on November 1, 1974, with a capital of 200,000 yuan, with the help of a team of 10 experienced computer engineers, including Lenovo founder Liu Chuanji. The company received business approval from the Chinese government. Zia Zefa, one of the co-founders of Lenovo and co-founder of the company, said in a statement that the first meeting of the company was held on October 1. The first meeting was attended by 11 executives, including the chief founder, and noted that each of the company’s founders was affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was a member of the Institute of Computer Technology. The company’s first attempt to market a TV as the company’s first product and later failed, but later IBM made 1 circuit board suitable for use and succeeded. Within 1 year of Lenno’s founding, the company re-established them. The position highlights the world. Lenovo is trying to market one digital watch as the next product, but this time in the same way.
Liu Chuanji, the founder of Lenovo, discussed with the company’s chief engineer about the failure. In one of the discussions, he expressed his personal opinion and said that his idea was that if the quality of the product is good, then the product will be sold. However, his style was wrong, but Liu Chuanji could not agree with him. He also mentioned that to market the product, and it is essential to give particular importance to the quality of the product as well as its marketing process. Their technical team had the experience to verify the quality of the company’s product, but they had no experience in product marketing, so they failed to market the company. Later, they were able to market the product as a whole.

Little history of Lenovo

In 1990, they made the first computer, and they achieved great success worldwide. And at the same time, they are able to market their new products with success. Lenovo’s products worldwide include personal computers, workstations, smartphones, servers, electronic storage devices, VR cameras, networking, and many more IT related products. These products have worldwide sales numbers and brand new design and feature computer units. From 2019, it is considered as the largest organization in the world. Later, the Lenovo Note Computer’s ThinkPad, ThinkBook and IdeaPad series began to be marketed in phases. Lenovo’s official operations exist in more than 60 countries around the world and are said to sell Lenovo products in more than 180 countries. Lenovo also has private laboratories in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen.

Best Lenovo Laptop in Bangladesh

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