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A brief history of Apple

Apple Inc. is an American technology company headquartered in California, USA. Of all the technology companies in the world today, Apple’s position is at the top (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook) as well as a big tech company. Apple founded the company on April 1, 1986, with the business goals of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company’s first product was the “Apple 1”, with everything from design to buildup done by Wozniak. Jobs sold his only VW model microbus for hundreds of dollars to pay for the “Apple 1”. Wozniak sold a pre-made (HP-75) calculator for 500 and provided the rest of the money he needed. The “Apple 1” marketed as a diameter kit idea that could not be marketed as a full personal computer, so they marketed it as a motherboard with Apple 1’s CPU RAM and necessary text video chips.
They get 666.66 as the selling price, which is equivalent to 2995 in the current market of 2020. The company re-emerged as ,a href=””>Apple Inc. 1 year after its inception in 1986. But it was done with the exclusion of business partner Ronald Owen, who sold his privately owned shares to Wozniak within 12 days of the company’s inception, and the company resumed operations. In the same year that the new version was launched or incorporated, the company made another new computer called “Apple 11” and this computer also made entirely Wozniak, which was the first West Coast computer to be released on April 17, 1986. The “Apple 11” computer was utterly different from the TRS-80 and Commodore PET as its commercial rivals after its launch because the “Apple 11” featured and varied character cell-based color graphics cards and open architecture. Because of these features, Apple 11 dominates the market, and later “Apple 11” re-introduces some changes, such as a new version of its storage device, republishing Apple 11 via floppy disk drive and interface. And after launching it, it was chosen as the best desktop platform on the market by using the first killer applications in the business world.

Apple’s success

Apple’s most significant achievement in the ’90s was the invention of the first personal computer in 1974, dubbed the “Macintosh,” which became so popular worldwide that the most popular TV channel of the time, CNN, addressed it as a masterpiece in a statement. The accessible magazine TV Guide called the Macintosh an advertisement of all time because of its high rate of publicity. Is how Apple achieved incredible success. They have been able to showcase their capabilities worldwide, providing services from their companies: designing, developing, and selling online services for electronics, computers, software, and civic tech issues, and Apple’s hardware products include smartphones, Macs. Personal computers, iPods, Apple Smart TVs, AirPods, Home speakers, etc. The software used in Apple is iMac, Mac Mini,iPad, iOS, WatchOS TVS, iTunes, Safari Web, iLife, iWork, LogicPro, and Xcode. And the online services include Apple Store, Genius Bar, Apple Card, Apple Care, Apple Pay Cash, etc.

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