About Creatus Computer

Creatus Computer is the latest computer and computer accessory seller in Bangladesh. Its journey began in 2007. So far, it has been providing customer service for over 13 years, with about one and a half lakh customers connected with the organization. Starting from the tender of the Bangladesh government, it has been providing products and services to private companies. It is fully approved by the Government of Bangladesh. It is important to note that Creatus Computer is a provider of Giant Services in Bangladesh ICT. The Biggest and Best Computer Seller in Bangladesh – It’s totally IT hut. A Computer Store selling more than 400 types of the item including Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, PC Component, Camera, Printer, Office Equipment and many more.

Our Main Goal and Purpose

We are Creatus Computer as well as we are below to assist you with all your digital demands. We intend to offer all the requirements of our customers and help them please their requirements, wants and also needs. We indulge in seeing our clients satisfied as well as pleased with our resiliency in providing them with their items. Our full focus gets on the customers. We keep tabs as well as records on what our consumers want, as well as we attempt our level best to bring that for them. We are currently offering our customers with the shipment system to make sure that they can purchase online as well as get their products from their area. They do not have to take a trip far away to obtain their wanted item.

Solutions Being Supplied

We are a Technology-based product vendor. We are supplying our consumers with the best high-quality products at one of the most reasonable costs. We have a variety of items that our consumers can pick from. The item array begins with COMPUTER, Laptop & Netbook, UPS, Tablet COMPUTER, Monitors, Office Equipment, Safety Video Camera, Television as well as many various other items. Each of our items is examined as well as reviewed prior to it is sold to You our Devoted Consumers. YOU are our driving force too much better ourselves in all the facet of the service-providing market. We make every effort to come to be a Nit-picker Firm that supplies whatever, word for word.

Top-Selling Brands

We have lots of tops offering brands that acquired our focus to concentrate on them. These brands are GIGABYTE, Antec, Gamdias, Razer, MaxGreen among others. As being tops offering and also demanding brand names, you will have the ability to obtain the most recent upgraded products and service center far more. You will likewise obtain a much better after-sales solution from us. If any kind of difficulty occurs with these brand name products, we will certainly have the ability to fix it very conveniently. After fixing the issue you will have the ability to get the product in beautiful condition just as if it is still brand-new. These Brand Products are very premium items that give the very best service usage. We ensure that you are obtaining the best high-quality product that does no sort of error. You can easily buy the top-selling Brand name products without needing to hesitate about what you are acquiring. We also provide our clients with the very best rates for the products contrasted to anywhere in Bangladesh. You can stay easy and relax to know that one of our goals is to supply the client with the very best product within the most affordable prices. We make sure that You have our Consumers are satisfied with our item and the pricing of it.

Dealing with Corporate Sector

We also are working with Corporate workplaces for the beginning of Creatus Computer! We have to collaborate with numerous well-known workplaces in Bangladesh and have a very good partnership with them. We have actually worked with lots of Business workplaces like the bank, hospital, Government Organizations, Multi-National Business, Telecom Company among others. We give them all the IT related support as well as facilities for their organization. The IT facilities that we provide are all IT associated equipment items like network-based items like web servers and routers, laptops, desktops, printers, and various other IT associated hardware devices.

Customer Contentment

We have actually remained in the market for a long period of time and also we have come to know what the consumers want as well as prefer. We have actually made changes around our clients to make sure that we will be able to fulfill the desires of each of our consumers. We wish to boost increasingly more to be able to offer everyone their preferred or dreamed products. We are providing on-line buying opportunities for our customers, supplying a distribution solution for all of our items throughout Bangladesh. We provide the best after sells customer care to our customers to make them really feel that we do appreciate their possession and give them with the best solutions for their troubles.

The Brand That Cares For You

This is CREATUS COMPUTER! A Brand that is Absolutely worried regarding their consumers as well as loyally provides all the demands of the clients. Customers precede to this Company, our consumers will certainly get the very best solution and also bargains Creatus Computer has to offer. To us our customers want, and also needs to take the leading priority. We always have and also will intend to give the ideal outcome to our loyal clients. And our after-sales solution will make certain that no one of our customers will certainly come to us with the same concern two times. Come and also Experience the service, product as well as facilities Creatus Computer has to use.